Furniture Apartment Royal City
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Furniture Apartment Royal City

Chi phí:

40.000.000 đ
45.000.000 đ

Quận Đống Đa, Hà Nội

 Diện tích:300m2

 Nội thất: Đầy đủ

 Phòng ngủ:1

 Phòng tắm: 1

 Tỉnh thành:HN

 Mã số:004

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Mô tả chi tiết

Investor: Anh Nghia
Address: Nam Trung Yen urban area
Area: 300m2 - Apartment 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bedroom
Interior design: Free interior construction at Hi-Tech
Construction period: 20 days
Architect: Hi-Tech

- Luxury and classy villas have inherently shown the lifestyle and position of the owner. Therefore, the interior design of the villa is not simply creating a comfortable and liberal living space, but it must also express the aesthetic, artistic and personal impression in each project. This is also what Hi-Tech architects have pursued and conquered their customers.

- Located in Nam Trung Yen new urban area, the villa of Mr. Dung's family has modern architecture, generous space, absolute harmony with nature. Therefore, the requirements imposed on the interior design architects of the villa must develop the clear advantage of the house, ensuring a close link between the external architectural space and the interior. , expressing sophistication, elegance and class in accordance with the standard lifestyle of the owner.

-The living room always has an important role in any interior design of any house because it shows the face of the owner, the lifestyle of the whole family. The noticeable point in interior design of this living room is the youthful white color, elegantly chosen as the dominant color in interior design. This is also the color often seen in interior design style bringing modern European direction.
- There are not too many intricate details, sharp and elegant lines with high-class materials with moisture-proof MDF meeting European standards, Acrylic surface intea tabledesign, corner table, highlighting strokes. Elegant, luxurious and classy interior of the villa living room.

- Loyal to the modern European-style villa interior design, the TV shelf system and display shelves are designed in a monolithic design in the same design language with straight, thin, sharp lines. . The harmonious combination of colors and materials is also considered as one of the success factors creating a unique accent for living room interior design.

- Ifthe living room is considered the heart of the house, the master bedroom is extremely important in the minds of the homeowners. This is the place to start and nurture the flame of happiness of couples and an endless source of inspiration for life.

- Inthis bedroom space, the bright white color has a gentle transition with the combination of warm brown wood details in the bed design, closet system, creating a sense of peace and relaxation. ergonomics for users.

- The interior is arranged scientifically and reasonably combined with high-quality materials, bringing an extremely luxurious and generous resting space. The sophistication and elegance are fully reflected by the youthful and modern design style combined with the use of flexible colors in the bedroom interior designs.

- The success of the villa interior design not only creates an impressive and unique living space, but also has to show the personality of each room owner in each different space. In the common connection of modern design, the influence of elegant European design style, the ego is always fully exploited.
- Looking at this bedroom, from colors, layout to the way to choose and arrange furniture, anyone can imagine the room of her personality but no less melodious, romantic.

-In the bedroom, boys are a different color, a unique personality. Masculinity is expressed through the choice of colors as well as the furnishing. The neat, tidy to every detail is the key thought in interior design. Optimize the bedroom space with the versatile interior design, simple design details, emphasizing straight lines, coherence, square shapes commonly found in modern interior design style.

- Not too picky in the selection of furniture, design details, but in each project, Hi-Tech architects create a distinctive impression in the works. The dynamic, modern and a bit liberal in the style of design based on the inheritance and promotion of modern European interior design style has opened an ideal and classy living space for each family.

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