Adahin Central Office
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Adahin Central Office

Chi phí:

3.800.000.000 đ

Quận 1, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

 Diện tích:180m2

 Nội thất: Đầy đủ

 Phòng ngủ:2

 Phòng tắm: 3

 Tỉnh thành:HCM

 Mã số:001

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Mô tả chi tiết

Items performed: Consulting design, interior construction.

Area: District 1.

Customer: Driver test center

Area: 180m.


Project overview

- Update the trend of open office trends, The 21iLAB Office Project brings innovative office interior design solutions, meeting many utilities at attractive costs.

- Replace the backlit walls, transparent tempered glass to help increase the area of ​​use and make full use of natural light, save lighting power. At the same time, the glass system preserves the entire panoramic view of the city.

- Brick wall is used to paint white paint layer, which has just limited decorative investment. The interior is minimalist but still fully functional, vivid colors like orange and green bring a sense of playfulness.

- This open workspace is suitable for multicultural environments or businesses operating in the creative field.




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